Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Uniqueness and Unity

Excuse the generalization but as a whole we humans are not very accepting of uniqueness.  We should be accepting of the differences in others and in ourselves.  What makes us unique is usually where our strengths lie.

Accepting differences makes it easier for everyone to get along and for the people of the world to unify.  The sooner we all realize that we are one planet and that all the individual countries cannot fix the environmental problems until we work together then no real progress can be made.

Scientist Ken Caldeira was recently interviewed on NPR.  I found this snippet so incredibly astonishing.

But here's how Caldeira visualizes it: "If you were to compress the entire atmosphere so it was the density of water, it would only be 30 feet deep, so all the stuff we're throwing into the atmosphere, it's like we're throwing it into an ocean that's only 30 feet deep."
In fact, when you look at the chemistry of the oceans, the carbon dioxide is already making a measurable change. It reacts with seawater and turns into carbonic acid, and has made the oceans 30 percent more acidic than they were before the industrial revolution.
Doesn’t this make you want to act?  It does for me but we cannot do it on an individual basis.  

We have to unify and act as one family sharing the same home. 

Accept and embrace uniqueness and unify across cultures, countries, political parties and save our home.


  1. Unity is always something to aspire for. People working together towards a common goal can accomplish so much good.

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