Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have very little time that is my own to do with as I wish.  Most of it seems to be in the car.  Yet even there I find the voice in my head telling me to listen to the news and see what happened today when I know the last thing I really want to hear is more information that I will find upsetting.

I have found that taking a slightly longer route home, one with less traffic and only a sigle lane so my brain isn't busy telling me to switch lanes because that one is moving ever so slightly faster, in complete silence has been the best gift I can give myself.

It is amazing to me how little time we have without noises vying for our attention.

I discovered the silence by accident.  This route travels the edge of the continent and has very bad radio reception.  I had just left a noisy house and when the static started I shut the radio off, something I don't think I had ever done in this car.

I enjoyed the scenery more and then my brain started telling me marvelous stories.  It unraveled mysteries of my life and opened the door for my creativity.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take time for yourself to do something you love.  It is also important to take moments to unplug and listen to your brain and your body.  Try it, you'll see.