Monday, April 15, 2013


McDonalds- well all fast food

McDonalds is singled out because they are the original fast food and start with the letter of the day but this post applies to all fast food. 

I have two children, work full time, and my kids have homework and sports.  I know how challenging it can be to get food on the table at night.   

To stay away for the unhealthy choice of fast food I try to plan ahead.  I will make a large meal on the night we don’t have a sports event so we will have leftovers for the night we do.   If that fails then I always have a frozen meal available just in case I need something quick.  I also have soup and sandwich ingredients on hand at all times.  These packaged products are not the best options, due to sodium content, but I can pair them with healthy sides, not French fries, when we are at home. 

The kids can also get their homework out and started while I make dinner- time that would have been lost at a fast food restaurant.

I don’t ban fast food because I don’t want my kids to crave it and we don’t go there on special occasions so they won’t think of it as a treat.  We will go once a month but as they have outgrown the happy meal so have they stopped asking to go.  We still go to In-N-Out but I feel better about their food quality. 

Think about the food choices you are making and the habits you are instilling in your children.  The less you eat fast food the better for your health.


  1. I used to love mcdonalds but that was before I discovered the joys of IN n OUt and fresh food:)


  2. Can't remember the last time I was in a fast food place. We go so far as a pizza delivered once in a while. I'm with you on the fast food thing!

  3. Interesting how you don't want the kids to view fast food as a treat. I like that concept.

    Loved In & Out when I visited CA a few times. In Chicagoland, we have Portillo's, a family-owned franchise for hot dogs, burgers, salads, etc. The food is excellent and their service even more so. We eat there many weekends, but it's also still not healthy food, so it needs to be limited.