Thursday, April 18, 2013



I struggle with patience all the time.  Sadly I find that I am least patient with the people closest to me, the people who deserve it most.  I seem to save my best behavior for strangers and not for the people I love.  Does anyone else have this same issue?

Being patient with someone, especially your children, shows them that you care and that they are important to you.

I find it helpful to try and be on company behavior even when there is no company around.  I also remember the wonderful patience my grandmother had and try and model that behavior.
It is easier to do the right thing first than it is to apologize later. 


  1. I think we are more patient with strangers bec. we know the people we love will love us no matter how cranky we get.

  2. Agree with nutschell, sad but true. But I catch myself being impatient with my nearest and dearest sometimes and try to make it up to them with a smile a hug or a joke.

  3. I've had a really hard day of NOT being patient with my daughter! Sometimes I'm really good at it, but other times (usually when I'm busy/stressed about something else), I'm not. Need to gather some patience again.

    Rinelle Grey