Friday, April 5, 2013

My favorite life movie is Harold and Maude. This movie has so many great quotes about life and living it to the fullest.    
Here is my favorite:
Scene set up:  Harold and Maude are in a field of flowers and Harold says he wants to be like the daisies that are all around them because they are all the same.
Maude: “Oooh, but they're not.  Look.  See, some are smaller, some are fatter, some grow to the left, some to the right, some even have lost some petals.  All kinds of observable differences.  You see, Harold, I feel that much of the world's sorrow comes from people who are this, [she points to a daisy] yet allow themselves be treated as that [she gestures to a field of daisies].”
We live in a world of mass marketing where we are always told to conform.  Don’t listen.  Be you, not everyone else. 


  1. I always try to be me and I think it's a big mistake to try to conform - in fact I wrote the title track to my forthcoming album about this very subject!

  2. Fran,

    What is the title of your album and your book? I'll keep checking your website for release dates and where to buy.

    Have a great day enjoying your uniqueness!

  3. Great advice. I'll have to check out that movie. Thanks for sharing.

    Chontali Kirk

  4. I loved that movie, especially the music!
    Just stopping by for a visit. Great A to Z post!
    Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

  5. I know. It is too bad that the soundtrack is not available.

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  6. Kate- I've never heard of this movie, but I will definitely check it out. This sounds great. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Just stumbled upon your post: I LOVE Harold and Maude! It is one of the really great - and maybe somewhat unappreciated - movies about the love for life. I don't know how often I have watched it, but certainly not often enough yet. Also, it's always the first things that comes in my mind, when I hear Cat Stevens with "Trouble" and - of course - "If you want to sing out".
    Thanks for reminding me!

    Happy A to Z blogging!