Monday, February 2, 2015

Really? Does that make sense?

I am so frustrated and sick of hearing people who have lost unemployment, workers' compensation or disability benefits say they can't find work.

95% have not even looked!  I just got out of a deposition with someone who has been off work for nearly two years and applied for only one job!  Only one!  It was a job he could never do and he knew it.

He stated he was sure that any other work he could find would be minimum wage and he has two boys he needs to support.  The two boys live with his ex-wife.  This means that childcare costs are not an issue.  He cannot work minimum wage and support his boys was his affirmation.

Wouldn't any payment going to your boys be better than none?  YES it would!

He has a specialized skill license he could renew and get paid more than minimum wage. He hasn't thought about renewing his license.  That would take three weeks of class.

HELLO!  You have been out of work for 2 years! Does he have time to spend in class? Why, yes he does!

He is my latest example but he is not alone.  How can anyone be so lazy and irresponsible?  Who allows them to keep thinking it is okay to act like that?

My dad and mom would kick my ass if I ever said I couldn't take a job when I am capable of working because it only paid minimum wage.

You know what; if you have a job it is easier to get another job. If you have a job and perform well you can get promoted and a pay raise.

Get off your lazy butts and get to work!

Thank you for listening to my rant.  If you are one of these no good losers, GET A JOB. Set a good example for your children. Be a productive member of society not a leech.