Friday, August 29, 2014


I have been checking out Wattpad for about a year now. I love some of the stories I have found and have started dialogues with a few interesting writers.

If you haven't heard of Wattpad you should check it out for yourself.  It is a place for authors to post stories or parts of stories and get feedback from their audience.  All of the work on Wattpad is free to read and their phone app is easy to use so I always have a story handy.  It is so important to follow the authors you like and vote (click on the box with the star on the top right) for their stories.  It helps the author gain other readers.  If you leave comments they can help the author grow and the story improve.  Please, if you join, take the time to do these things!

I have been concerned about putting my work out there because I believe that my work on Wattpad is considered published.  My first book I still want to publish on my own and put if for sale and I feel the same way about my second novel so I hadn't posted anything yet.

Lately I have been reading articles about authors who got published because of stories on Wattpad and that was the impetus for me to finally post a story.  I have added the link to the first chapter below.

I will be posting a chapter or more every Saturday.  If you follow me on Wattpad you will automatically be notified when the updates are posted.

Please follow me on Wattpad- - and vote for the story.  I would love to read your comments if you have any.

Happy Writing!

It's All In Your Attitude

I thought this was great when I saw it....

I posted it to a few friends and was surprised at the consistent response from them of, "If only it was that easy!"

I think it is.  It is all in your attitude.  You decide how much or little something that happens to you is going to impact your life.    I am sure we all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or is facing a life threatening illness and it is the attitude that they have while battling these infirmities that makes all the difference in the world.  So I say to you, consciously choose to yell "plot twist" and tackle the new challenge with vigor, wonder and excitement and see where it leads you.   Somethings that you would never believe would actually work out for the best do.

Have fun, enjoy life, and happy writing.