Saturday, April 13, 2013



 I have so much daily responsibility, work, writing, raising my children, feeding my family, cleaning the house, washing clothes…the list could go on for pages, I tend to be focused on accomplishing all the tasks.  When I do this no one in our house is happy, least of all me.

I have to focus on relaxing and actually being in the moment with my children.  Asking how their day was and listening to their stories, not just asking if homework is done perfectly.  If the dishes don’t get done one day they will be there tomorrow.  Decide what is important and give that your precious attention.

For my family it is levity.  Making sure we have fun together makes my children more open with me when it comes to sharing their feelings and information about their friends and their days.  Having that open line of communication will be very important as we reach their teen years.  Which are careening toward me at warp speed!

Have fun today!


  1. Exactly. I used to be like you in my younger days getting everything done, my husband helped me, but still, the tension of getting everything done on time was too much. Then one day i fell very ill, and it made realize nothing is more important then spending quality time with the family and kids and if other things remain in a mess let it be so.
    We must enjoy today for it is the present, and it is right here.

  2. Levity is very important. Our house tends to be too serious. AT least the adults do. I agree about being present in the moment. The years fly. Especially with kids.

  3. You can blink and find your kids grown. It happened to me.

  4. Excellent post, I agree time flies by too quick, we all should enjoy are kids while they are still kids.

    Cynthia (The Sock Zone)
    A to Z Challenge

  5. Levity. That is often lacking as we need to keep on top of our kids and getting done what needs to get done. I resent that at times as it seems daddy is the one who gets to come home and " play " with them. I'm the one who gets to bark:)

  6. Levity is important for a serious person and something I need to engage in more often

  7. Levity is very important, as is the ability to know when to let something go (i.e., the dishes) in order to focus on something more important (i.e., kids).