Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Innocence gets a bad rap. It is usually associated with ignorance or naiveté. I believe this is something
to be held on to. Children today are exposed to so many things before they should be. Take the time
and effort to protect your children from violence and sex. The ratings on movies and video games are
there for a reason. Limit the time kids spend watching and playing something that is violent or has adult
themes that you allow.

During an animated Easter special televised at 8 PM on ABC Family the commercials they showed were
completely inappropriate. They were scenes of a sexual nature. I recorded the show and told my
children we would watch it tomorrow. This way I was able to fast forward through the commercials that
I felt were not okay for them to watch- which is a real problem on ABC Family.

Once kids are exposed to things that are too mature for them it cannot be undone. If they are exposed
to something too mature for them make sure you discuss it with them and be understanding and
supportive if they have nightmares or ask questions that are tough to answer.


  1. I agree with you Kat. I'm big on limiting time on games and TV and always check out ratings. I wonder if TV programmers have children of their own!

  2. You are so right. The first inkling I got of this was when I took my 3 year old girl to get big girl underpants and had a hard time finding anything but bikinis. For a three year old. Sad.