Thursday, July 17, 2014

A small bit of humor

I have been insanely busy with work and none of it going well.  Today was literally one bad issue after another.  My whole day was swallowed up and consumed by employee issues.

The only bright spot in my day came from an unlikely place.  My assistant handed me an envelope from the EDD.  These are never good.  They are always time consuming work.  Most notices from the EDD are requests for unemployment from former employees and they contain the former employees statement as to why they no longer work for us.  Most of the time they are flat out lies.  Today I read the employee statement and bust out laughing.

"We did not see eye to eye on company policy."

No we didn't.  He failed his drug test and thought that we should allow him to keep working even though we have a zero tolerance policy.   We, in fact, do not see eye to eye on company policy.

I really needed that laugh today.
But it was short lived because now I have to spend at least an hour of my time responding to this claim.  I will complete the paperwork and then I will get a call from the agency and in the end I will win.  But I wasted an hour of my very valuable time.  If he had just told the truth and said he failed his drug test then I would not have to respond because they would have said right away you don't qualify for benefits.

I hope you are all having better weeks then I have had and wish you all a wonderful weekend.