Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Most people are excited by new, new phone, new car, new clothes.  When it comes to trying something new, new route home, new food, new skill, the excitement is replaced by resistance and sometimes anxiety.

Trying something new is a great way to expand your skill set, discover something you may wonder how you lived without, and it is also shown to help ward off Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

Try something new today.  Keep an open mind and go for it.

So you know I am taking my own advice.  I got two people at work to try my seaweed salad at lunch!  Yeah for them for being adventurous and trying something new.


  1. I like trying new things. A few years ago I took up card making and last I attempted baking (and still have a go every now and then). I'm on the lookout for a new hobby now.

  2. That's great. You must have a lot of great experiences to show for it.