Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for THINK

Think before you speak.  We have all heard that phrase but I want to share a clever twist on it with you.

T- True
H - Helpful or encouraging
I - Inspiring
N - Necessary
K - Kind

Believe me there are lots of times I have to bite my tongue to give myself time to put this THINK before I speak into action but it is worth it.  I especially find N tough but have found that holding back my opinions that do not matter have made a big difference in being helpful and not hurtful with my responses.  I may not like your choice or your shoes or whatever but unless my telling you is going to save your life, stop you from losing your job or money, hurting someone else, etc., then my telling that person is only going to hurt them so unless my feedback is Necessary I will keep it to myself.

I hope you find this breakdown of the word think into a meaningful acronym as helpful as I do.

Since there is a good chance that my visitors may not visit on the final day, which is fast approaching, I thought I would take this time to say "Thank you" to everyone who has visited and all my followers.   I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to comment and to follow my blog.  Thanks!


  1. Love the acronym! Good luck in the last week of AtoZ!

  2. I use a similar acronym with my students in my class. I often tell them it is as much for me as it is for them. I have the scars to prove that I often have to bite my tongue.

    I am your newest follower and good luck to you as we come to the end of AtoZ.
    2 Smart Wenches

    1. My pastor said this one week and I'm glad you have something you can share with your students. I wish I had learned this sooner.

  3. Replies
    1. My pastor said it and I had to text it to my husband's phone so we wouldn't forget it.

  4. I have something similar on a post it up at my computer.

    Is it Good? Is it Kind? Is it Loving? If not, then SHUT UP! I actually got that from a priest!

    Who says I'm not coming back!! :)

    1. I heard this from my pastor.

      I love the new photo on your webpage and the new font for your Filling my prayer closet text.

    2. Thanks! I made it all by myself on Canva! :) (for free!)

  5. Think I might share this with the children at my school next week when we all go back. Lovely to have found your blog via the A to Z Challenge.