Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Libraries

Welcome to National Library Week!

When I was young I needed a library to complete any of my school work.  Without the resources of my local library I could not have found the information needed to complete any reports or research projects.

Now the internet replaces research trips to the library for most of the school work we are doing.  We do still need to go to the library for some book reports but we mostly go for fun.  Our library is very family friendly and has a wonderful selection of books.  We each leave with at least five books when we go, we also rent music and movies from the library as well.  Our library also has copies of all the major newspapers and magazines.  We can also rent e-books and audio books electronically.

Our local library also supplies wonderful study rooms, hosts craft projects, teen groups and informative lecture and music series.

We are not only patrons of the library but supporters through donations of gently used books, purchasing used books at their monthly sales and of course donations of our time and money.

For many people a library is the only place they have to get school work done, to find books, to have a safe warm place to spend their time.

Visit and support your local library.  Instill a love of the library in your children.  The library gives so much to so many.


  1. Hi kat,
    I am a fan of the library- and living without television instilled a love of books into all family members. so yes we google away bt we also read read read and of course I am a writer . pleased to meet you.
    Sandra (aust)
    a to z er @ life without television

    1. Sandra,

      Thanks for popping in. I love your site. I did not have a television for a long while but we do now. We limit viewing for the kids to weekends but boy do they overdose on the weekends. If I don't plan activities they would just sit and stare at the darn thing. If there were quality items on it I would mind a bit less but that tends not to be the case.

      I will say I do love the internet for research and don't miss the encyclopedias that were constantly out of date or the letter I needed checked out by another student with the same homework assignment.

  2. My mother was a librarian and I grew up with the smell of the books and the places to crawl into and read. Even with the Internet, we still spend time at the library. It's home to me.

    1. Ann,

      I feel the same way. It is the first place I find in every town I have lived. They are always wondrous and welcoming.

  3. I love love love love did I mention LOVE libraries. I have never met a librarian I didn't fancy. It is a sacred space with so much loveliness abounding!! YES! I love libraries! Make me want to dance!

    Thank you for posting this!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    The Bold Writer from A to Z