Thursday, April 17, 2014

P is for Pitch

Welcome to the letter P.  I was originally going to talk about Platform today but I had some very welcome news that my pitch for my New Adult genre novel, working title Kate's Quest, was included in the Like a Virgin Pitch Contest.  Which is what the blog post just above this one is for, they are doing a blog hop for the contestants.

Since I have pitches on my mind and we all know how important they are I thought I would post the pitch I have been working on for the manuscript, Finding Life, we have been discussing throughout this A to Z blog journey.

I truly want any feedback you can give and it does not have to be positive if it is not warranted.  I have thick skin and value honest feedback.  
For three years widow Lilly Steadman has focused solely on her two children.  Her husband may have died that day but it was Lilly who lost her life.
Rock star,Taylor Radcliffe will do anything to be famous again, even if that means being clean and sober.  Dating Lilly was a lark until she became his muse; who unfortunately came with unwanted, tiresome baggage.  Whenever she abandons him for her responsibilities he gets into trouble.  He convinces Lilly to move her family to London so he can continue his rise to fame.
Lilly connects with her children, discovers life and who Taylor really is in London.  Family man and Taylor’s best mate, Nick Schuster becomes her only friend and confidant.  Lilly tries to keep Neil out of their problems but with no one else to turn to he becomes enmeshed in Lilly’s struggles, if only for selfish reasons of his own.

Thank you for any help you can offer.  I look forward to your comments.

Happy writing!


  1. I think your writing is lovely. My only advice would be to include the real problem, what does Lilly want and what's stopping her from finding it? I found you on A to Z and I'm always happy to meet a fellow writer. I keep up with the Query Shark--Janet Reid. She posts queries and tells how an agent would respond. She's a top NY agent and I respect her opinions, if you haven't checked her out yet she's blogging at Also, I'm blogging over at Nice to meet you!

    1. Thanks for the advice and sites to check out.

  2. I know nothing about pitching fiction. I am sorry. I have been sitting here, not knowing what to say. Your story sounds intriguing. You say Lilly tries to keep Neil out of their problems but I don't know who Neil is? I see Nick, I see Taylor. I tried to figure out if Lilly's dead husband was Neil? Maybe her son was Neil? Anyway - there is a thought.... or maybe my mind just couldn't figure out enough details in so little time!

    (Perhaps this is why I stay with creative non fiction and poetry!)

    Julie Jordan Scott
    The Bold Writer from A to Z

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