Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A to Z - X

For my A to Z Challenge theme I will be posting items that are no longer with us or are close to becoming extinct.

These are great items to use if you are trying to set a time period in your story or to stay away from if you want your story to be timeless.

I was stumped by this letter.  Please share any X suggestions you have.

The only thought I had was that X-rays are no longer the only way to look inside the human body. We now have MRI and Cat scans too.  The first MRI was performed in 1977.  While CT or CAT Scans are a type of X-ray; they first began to be installed in 1974.  

Happy Writing!


  1. Hi Kat - I've always been inventive for my Xs .. I did find a butterfly one year - but I've used X for an index, and this year X is for x-factor oddities ... ie. I've clarified certain things that have come up under other A-Z posts ...

    It's the way of the world in the A-Z .. thinking out of the box .. cheers Hilary

  2. We also have ultrasounds. :) I've had all of these types of scans done before. The MRI is the worst because it took the longest and was so loud.

  3. I suppose without the letter x we would not exercise or exit. :-)

  4. Yup, the X has the smallest number of entries in the dictionary. Hard to find things to choose to write about.