Monday, February 17, 2014

To Theme or not to Theme

I have once again signed up for the A to Z challenge.

Arlee Bird's 'Tossing It Out' blog, the man who created the A to Z challenge, has decided to reveal his theme on March 21st.

I did have a theme last year. I am questioning if I should do that again because the themes I keep coming up with all involve audience participation.

I am excited by these ideas and haven't come up with an idea that doesn't involve audience participation that I am even slightly excited about.

The issue with audience participation is that I will have to write the blog every day.  There is no way I can work a head if I have to wait for audience help for every post.  The one thing that is always constant in my life is how many things I have to accomplish in a day- many more than I seem to have time for.  Adding another item that must be completed daily for a month seems as if I am setting myself up for failure.  But if I choose a theme I am not excited about I could be setting myself up for failure as well.

Is there anyone else out there participating in the A to Z challenge this year or who has in the past that can offer some advice on theme or no and what worked best for them in the past?

Has anyone asked for audience participation? How'd that work?


  1. Hi. My name is Yvonne Lewis and am one of Arlee Bird's Ambassadors for the A to Z Challenge. I appreciate it's only February but the weeks do fly by.
    I had a theme last year as I have this year.
    I look forward to visit you during the challenge.
    Good luck

  2. Audience participation is a grand idea but can be hard work and folk dont always do what you might expect. . . . Good luck indeed if you try it.