Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sadly, I am still fighting a cold and eating soup.  I saw this cartoon yesterday and had a much needed chuckle and thought to myself,  I would, of course, write it down or at least record it on my phone.

When I lie down at night it is taking at least 20 minutes for all the phlegm-my gunk that is stuffed inside of me to finish oozing out or find a nook or cranny to settle into so that at least one of my nasal passages is clear and I can finally fall asleep.  As soon as this lovely process had come to a close and I was comfortably falling asleep.  I had an amazing, wonderful idea about fixing dialogue or a turn of phrase that I absolutely loved and had to use in my New Adult novel.  I thought of this lovely cartoon and then thought of sitting up and having to spend another grueling 20 minutes getting all the stuff back in it's crannies and began repeating the phrases to myself over and over in my head.  I thought of the last panel of the cartoon that I am now a victim of and convinced myself that I really would remember.

Well I didn't and it is driving me crazy!  I can almost remember the great idea but then it hides in the shadows again.  It is drowning in some phlegm filled cranny and I can't pull it out.  I will never again be so arrogant as to assume I can recall what ever I want from my ever weakening brain!

I am sure there are many people out there who can associate with this.  Is there something that works for you to get the idea or the memory back?

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