Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I am fighting a cold and have been eating a lot of soup and find myself fantasizing about creating a perfect sandwich.  I tire pretty quickly of the thin, lack luster broths of canned chicken soup.

I love sandwiches.  Okay, I love most things food so I should clarify that I love building a sandwich.
If I have a tomato in the house I am definitely making a sandwich.  A tomato slice is a must have on a sandwich for me, especially a burger (which most don't consider a sandwich but anything in bread is a sandwich).

The next key component for my sandwich is some sort of spread.  This really depends on the rest of the ingredients but I favor a few things, creamy Dijon, pesto, tapenade and even flavored hummus.

Roasted vegetables elevate any sandwich from ho-hum to great.  As does the bread choice.  There is no one right bread but there is the perfect bread for the sandwich you are building.
Naan, french, sourdough, wheat, rye, pumpernickel.  I could go on for pages but I am salivating already!  Even though with this terrible sore throat bread is the last thing I could swallow at the moment- which of course makes me want it more.

Cheese is a sandwich staple for most people, including me.  I do enjoy a sharp cheddar on a sandwich, especially if I add apple slices (I know it sounds weird but think about a warm turkey sandwich with melting cheddar and then the crisp refreshing thin apple slice, oh delicious.), feta has a nice bite as well but don't forget the softer cheeses that you can spread onto the bread, cambozola, brie, soft swiss, pub cheeses, they may just be the perfect accompaniment.  They also add a layer of protection to keep your bread from getting soggy if you are piling on a spicy slaw or pickled veggies.

As I sip my tea loaded with lemon and honey I envision warm steaming pastrami lovingly wrapped in naan with pickled carrot slaw.   This will be my first sandwich when I have walloped this cold into submission.

What is the food you would crave most if you couldn't have it?

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