Monday, May 5, 2014


One of the many incredible writers I have met along my journey is +John Ward .  He is the moderator of the Google+ communities 'Writer's Discussion Group' which is 18,000+ strong.  I picked that group to join because it had a very active group of regulars, one of whom is John Ward.  I am amazed John has time to do anything else with how active he is as the groups co-moderator.
But somehow, in his plethora of spare time he came up with a brilliant idea.  He created a hashtag for writers called #saturdayscenes.  

Saturday May 3 was the inaugural roll out of #SaturdayScenes.  I was not able to post but there were some great pieces posted that I enjoyed discovering.

So if you are a writer who wants to post a scene from your work, published or not or a scene you are looking for comments on post it with #SaturdayScenes and participate.

If you are looking for a few quick reads type #Saturdayscenes to find some great scenes to peruse and enjoy.  It is always helpful to leave comments for the writer.  We love all the feedback we can get :) 

I look forward to seeing your work up there!

Happy Writing!


  1. Thanks for your kind words and for helping get the word out about Saturday Scenes.

  2. What a great idea to group people with a like goal to help each other. Do you mean a hashtag for twitter, or are you using it in the circle thing on google+? I'm not a writer and am staying way far away from google+, but my SIL is a writer and I thought she might be interested, thus my question. Groups can be such fun. I used to love them on yahoo before they had issues. Guess I've replaced groups with the blogging. As I am looking as the signature options here on your blog, I see, beneath this box an arrow. I will click the arrow, which is what you should do on other blogs as well. You don't have name and url as an option, however I do...lots of folks do. So when you click on my blog and many non google+ people you'll see the option for name and url. Paste your blog's url in the space that says url. That way it's a live link. What you're leaving is a cut and paste and it's not a link, and it's been my experience most people won't visit back because it take them extra time and they loose whatever they had on their clipboard. For example, right now I have my url on my clipboard in order to make blog visits, rather I did; but had to replace it with your blog url in order to visit you. So before I can leave my url for you, I have to open another window, go back to my blog and again copy my url in order to paste it here for you to have a live link to visit back. I need my url on my clipboard to leave for all blogs I visit, whether they have the name and url option or whether I have to leave a hyperlink. So I essential erase mine stuff to put your stuff, then erase your stuff to mine back on the clipboard. Does that make sense? My explanation? You don't want to paste your url here int he box where the comments go, add it to the drop down box. Once you do it, and see how quick and easy and how well it works you'll love it.

    I leave my url here for you in the comment section only because you don't have name and url option available. So I make a hyperlink. Some folks don't add the option of name and url because they're fearful of anonymous also being there, but with 5 blogs and blogging for 10+ years I don't find it's much of a problem. Sometimes I have to delete anonymous comments; but 99% of the time the blogger spam thing takes care of them.

    Long explanation, hope it helps

    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

    1. Sandy it is on google+. I actually like the community options there and belong to the writers discussion group. There is also an #amwriting google + hashtag that has good information for writers as well. It's great that you are helping your SIL out.
      Thanks for helping me. I am so new to this I will follow your sage advice.

  3. great post! Hey Kat, check your email. You won my Spotlight Week giveaway. :)

  4. Thanks for telling us about #saturdayscenes! What a great idea. And it seems you've won something from @nutschell. Congratulations.

  5. Hey Sandy, yes, as of right now our focus is on on G+. However, I have seen people mention Saturday Scenes on Twitter and other spots. So, if you are active somewhere else and want to participate there, feel free. The only real difference is that you want have the same sense of being part of something since there won't be as many people participating on other platforms. Still, who knows? You might be the one to kickstart the movement on Twitter or wherever.

  6. Cool, thanks for posting this. There's a great twitter chat group, several actually. #k8chat on Thursdays 9 pm EST. #indiechat Tuesdays 9 pm? #10minnovelists Thursdays also 9 pm EST #writestuff Tuesdays 3 pm Hawaii time which is 9 pm EST. Also #storydam Thursdays 8 pm EST, and on Fridays, it's #writeclub all day.Did not know what the #amwriting was about, since I didn't know google + uses hashtags. Thanks for the post! Aloha Maui Jungalow