Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day

My daughter made me a lovely mother's day present at school today.  I opened the rolled up paper and started to read the answers she had filled in about why I am a wonderful mother.

Should I be upset that the first two answers were not actually about me?  I read to my daughter every night and the first answer she wrote was that I she loved when I read her a story I have never heard of.  Oops that was a staff in aftercare.

I hid my bruised ego and read the next item; which turned out to be a continuation of item number one and about the same staff.  Bruised ego tamped down again.  I hopefully read the next item, Yeah! it was actually about me.

There was a craft at aftercare today that my son could have participated in but it was art and jewelry and he's a big fifth grade boy.  I'm sure he appreciates everything everything I do for him; he expresses as much every time he says, "come on mom" or the whinny "mom".  I feel the love.

My daughter has to learn a poem every week and this week's poem ended with a line about helping my mom all year.  When I asked her if she meant that she laughed.  She then said she helps all the time but couldn't think of a time.

I am sure that I was the same or worse about appreciating my mom; so I want to say Happy mother's day and thank you for everything that you did to my mom.  For everyone out there that has taken the time to mentor and help a child, happy mother's day to you.

If my family is reading this, all I want for mother's day is three hours to work on my novel.  Thank you.

Happy writing!


  1. Hope you got your Mother's Day wish! That's not too much to ask.

    1. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day as well. I felt guilty asking for time away but it was so desperately needed; and still is. We ended up spending the day out as a family and it was lovely.