Wednesday, May 14, 2014


 Natural Tree Stump Side Table

Natural Tree Stump Side Table


Seriously! Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy? 

I have had a crazy week. My pay the mortgage job has seen some crazy things this week so I wanted to take a break from the nuts and thought I should shop for a new patio umbrella since the insanely high winds broke ours.  Instead of an umbrella I found a block of wood for $200!  I can get a cord of wood for that price and that is delivered.  I am sure this one costs a lot more to ship.  This is the equivalent of milk crates and cinder blocks for home decorating, yet it is not cheap which was the appeal of the other two.

People at work made some idiotic choices this week leaving me wondering about the validity of a comment I made to a supervisor.  He did not want to follow the law and report the issue.  He said if we do the person who did this can go to jail.  I had not thought of that but even with that in mind I responded, "These are adults, not 2 year olds, they understand that their actions come with consequences."

Do they really?  Are these the generations of kids who got trophies for every team they played on and had time outs or no restrictions at all?  Maybe they have absolutely no idea about repercussions for bad decisions because they were never allowed to make mistakes or forced to clean up their own mess afterwards.

My lovely daughter is 8 and she has friends whose parents are shocked when I make her clean up and rinse her plate after dinner or ask her to help with dinner prep.  They are even more shocked when they find out she makes her own breakfast and occasionally her own lunch.  But why is that shocking?   They think it is because I work so my poor daughter has to fend for herself.   I had a stay at home mom and I learned how to make my own lunch and breakfast and helped prep meals.  I never had to clean up afterwards because no one can live up to my mother's cleanliness standards.

Is asking your kids to clear their dinner plate from the table and rinse it in the sink crazy or is it preparing them for life?

Do these people I work with get the severity of the mistake they made?  If they don't now they will soon.  If they somehow get away with it this time will they learn or keep behaving the same way?

Are the people buying $200 tree stumps the ones with huge credit card debt who file bankruptcy and have no money in savings?  I'm betting yes.


  1. What a horrid Mom you are. Your daughter's going to know how to cook and schedule and take responsibility for things.

    Now, I'm off invest in a tree stump table. Can't wait.

  2. LOL. Laughing at your the comment above. Ha! Maybe it's made of resin. Maybe it's not even a real tree stump. I could get you a tree stump but it's full of bugs esp. termites.
    Aloha! Maui Jungalow

  3. I completely agree that children should have age appropriate responsibilities and chores. My daughters had to help out around the house and I taught them to cook. As punishment I gave them more chores like washing windows and such. Of course that was in high school.

    When my oldest began kindergarten I told her she had to learn to take care of her own hair because she was starting school. As they got older I had them help set the table and clear the table. Now my youngest has daughters of her own and she has them help put their dishes in the dishwasher and they are only 2 and 4 years old. They love helping though and it makes them feel important. So many kids don't even know how to say please and thank you. Adults are often surprised when my grand daughters say thank you or excuse me.

    I just don't understand what these other parents think, do they think their children will all of a sudden know how to be adults when they grow up and know about responsibility through osmosis?

    Morgan Dragonwillow

    1. Morgan, You and your daughters are obviously doing a great job. Keep it up.

      I love your last paragraph! Your so right.

      I really think I am witnessing the backlash of children who were praised for everything and given no responsibility at work. I can only assume they are raising their children the same way and then what will happen when there is no longer a generation that has a work ethic and understands consequences working with them?