Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Demands on Our Time

I have read a lot of posts by people lamenting their lack of time for their writing and as I read all of them I thought you just make the time.

I don't watch television, I don't clean as much as I should, and I spend every moment I can working on my writing.

Of course every moment I can is diminished by time I spend with family, time doing chores, grocery shopping, and working.

Work and family take the majority of my time, as I am sure they do for you.  What is left is little to no time to write or to see friends.

I am lucky to have some wonderful friends and writing partners but to keep my friends I have to spend time with them.

The month of March has been unusually demanding and now I am fighting to figure out how to fit in time with my friends, family and not disappoint anyone and still find some time to write.  Plus I wouldn't mind just a little time to myself.

I now find myself in the same boat with all these other writers struggling to fit their passion into their demanding lives.

I know that March and April will be very demanding on my time and will not allow for very much time to work on my novels.  I will be spending a lot of time working on my writer's platform instead and hoping for good results.

The more focused I get on publishing my book the more I realize I will have to carve out some of my writing time to spend on my platform and researching the marketplace.

Sadly the more time I spend away from my novels the more I find myself resenting the desire to get published and having to create a platform and then when I look back at my novels the spark I had is diminished.  I couldn't wait to get home and write. In the car I would be constantly coming up with new angles or scenes to add or re-write and now those creative juices all seem to be suffocating under my responsibilities.

I have to find a way to keep up a platform and keep my excitement in my writing.    Wish me luck as I navigate through March and April.

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