Monday, March 10, 2014

Darkness or lack there of

When we see views of city lights I am upset.  There should not be so many lights on; what a waste of electricity.  Office buildings should not remain lit up, people should shut down their computers, monitors and printers, and turn off their lights when they go home for the night and especially for the weekend.

When I sleep I like it really dark.  I want it to be so dark I can't see my hand when it is right in front of my face.  Unfortunately that is impossible in this day and age.

It used to be that light noise or light pollution was only outside my bedroom window but when I look around my bedroom at night I am accosted by light.  There is light from the alarm pad, the digital clock, the cell phones keep flashing blue lights, the television and satellite box, the devices that are plugged in to charge emit lights, our electronic toothbrushes all have lights and one of our charging plugs actually has an orange light on it as well.  I can see perfectly well in my room at night due to all the electronic devices that my world has become populated with.  When my computer is charging the light is so bright I have to throw clothes over it.

I know it is silly to think I would get rid of any of the electronics, I love my computer and my electronic toothbrush, my cell phone; but why do they all have to give off light?  I want some way to put them into sleep mode so that all the lights will go off.  I don't need to see the light on my phone blink to know it is connect to the wi-fi or blue tooth, it tells me with a ping when it connects and a message on the phone.

I'm probably complaining from lack of sleep last night brought on by the time change but these are pet peeves that always drive me crazy so I decided to just air them.

Please turn off any unnecessary lights at your home and office, encourage others to do so.  Don't leave chargers plugged in because they still pull power.  Turn off monitors, printers, shredders, whatever you can when it is not in use and will not be in use.

If you know a way to outsmart the devices that are constantly glaring lights at me please let me know and if you work at a company that makes one of these devices please think about adding a way to stop the lights from coming on if you don't want them to- and make it easy to find and use please.

Thanks for listening to my griping and helping to save our precious natural resources.

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