Sunday, January 25, 2015

What attracts me to a book?

What Attracts Me To A Book?

As I try to create a cover for my novel I started to wonder what actually attracted me to all the books that line my shelves?

Sadly, I cannot easily see a common theme from looking at them.

I was surprised to notice that I don't choose genre first.  I know I must grab it because something on the cover called to me, but what?

I know when I read the description that is what keeps the book in my hand but why did I pick it up?

Maybe seeing some of these items on the cover is what draws me in.
Location: Anything in Italy, especially Venice, Ireland, or New England
Storylines: Anything with food and travel
Characters: Strong females, interesting situations and desires. A character with my name.
Title: interesting, catchy or a play on words or a well known phrase.

What makes you pick up a book?  What covers have worked for you and what hasn't?
I look forward to your suggestions and advice.

Happy writing!


  1. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    The color of the cover and the title name will surely attract buyers.

    Best wishes

    1. Joseph,

      Thanks for your input. Any colors in particular that catch your attention? The first color I think of is red.