Monday, January 12, 2015


We recently took a cruise to Mexico.  We assumed that our phone roaming charges would have been exorbitant. When would a cellular company give up the opportunity to charge us? The cruise line also was continually finding a way to extort our money and internet access was a sign up fee and then $0.75 per minute for a pretty slow connection.  The television was sparse at best.

This weekend was our first weekend back and without even thinking about it we continued behaving as we did on the cruise.  I forgot to check my work emails all weekend and on the car ride home from errands we started discussing which games we were going to play. No one suggested a movie or television and my son did not ask to play his video game!  If you had heard him complain about not having his video games the first four days of the cruise and the second the boat docked you would understand how impressive this was.

We spent the weekend pulling games that had not seen the light of day for years out of cabinets and closets. The kids knew a lot of games from school and friends that we didn't know and they loved teaching their parents how to play card games, like baloney sandwich, which most of you will know as BS, which you may have thought stood for something else, but I was assured it was baloney sandwich.

Tonight my daughter finished her homework as quickly as she could so we could play Sequence. She beat me handily and was so proud of herself. She never felt proud of herself watching television.  She also did not ever think critically, formulate a plan or do a victory dance. Don't think cocky athlete think exuberant little girl whose dance ended in a mommy hug and conciliatory kiss.

I am sure that television, video games, and the internet will work their way back into our lives but I am going to work hard to keep them relegated to the side stage.

I would love any game suggestions you have.  It is time to donate a lot of games to our friends with younger children and get some new games to keep the interest alive.

I look forward to your game recommendations!


  1. I enjoyed this post!

    Sounds wonderful! We visited Mexico City over a year ago, and I actually cried when we got off the plane and entered the airport in Los Angeles and saw everyone with their heads down and "plugged in". Cried. We had only been gone a week.

    Have you ever played Taboo? Great game to play with the kids.

    1. Susan,
      Thanks so much for the feedback. We have not played Taboo but I got so many gift certificates for Christmas, since no one puts real thought into gifts anymore, that I have plenty of money to spend stocking up on games.

      I can empathize with your feeling. I really notice people ignoring one another at dinner. We only go out to dinner once or twice a month and we don't allow electronics. We play hangman, tic tac toe and catch up on the day or week but there are so many families there each looking at their own device. It saddens me every time.

  2. When my daughter was still at home (she's now 23) we always used to play, 'Who am I ?' You stick a post-it note on the 'guessing' person's head with a well known figure printed on the front of it. The person then has to ask yes or no questions and try to figure out who they are. We had many a splendidly funny hour.
    I went on my first cruise two years ago. It was absolutely fabulous and the most relaxing holiday ever. I would highly recommend it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. That sounds much better than the version we have tried to play on our phone that doesn't work properly. Low tech is generally the best way to go with games.