Friday, June 13, 2014

Confidence in Humanity Restored

I know this is a bit off the topic of writing but over the last few weeks I have had more issues at work with employees than fingers to count them on.  I was truly starting to loose faith in the whole lot of generations behind mine. (I know I can hear how old that sounds!)

Yesterday an employee approached me and asked if we could put his niece who is only 8 and dying with a brain tumor on our work boat as her last wish.  She wanted to see where her uncle, who has been like a dad to her, worked.

I work for an oil company and when you think oil workers you think tough, tattooed, prison records.  In most cases this is true.  I will also say that I love the guys I work with.  This has been the best four years of my working career.  Definitely never dull!

So these tough, tattooed, oil workers who have been making a lot of childish and bad decisions lately with in fighting and pranks and who have had me questioning society's fate did something magical today.

They made signs and hung them and then stood out on the deck and waived and cheered for an 8 year old girl they have never met and made her day.  They also gave her a hard hat with a lot of cool stickers and her name which she rocked.

My bosses were amazing and didn't blink an eye at us paying to charter a nice boat, not our crew boat, for the family to go out to the platforms on.  We all had to throw this together with only a half a day's notice since time is of the essence.

I called two charter companies and when I told them what I wanted to do both people I spoke with were so sweet and were willing to change schedules and reduce fees- all on their own I never asked.  My faith in humanity is fully restored.

Sadly we lost this brave young lady on Thursday.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

This strong, happy young lady and her family are in my prayers.


  1. You've restored my faith in the human race today. I needed that.

    1. I did too. And today I saw an article about bullet proof mats for kids in school in case of a shooting. So sad that someone needed to invent them.

      I hope it gets better on your end and your faith stays strong.

  2. Hi Kat - yes sometimes things seem to be on the downward trend, and long comes a nudge with a big "the world is good" ... that's amazing that you were able to fix this up for the little lass .. and she must be revelling in her memories and her uncle's place of work where kindness is etched across it ..

    Just so good to read of the help so willingly offered .. cheers Hilary