Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Seriously, this is an actual thing?

I tend to spend my time on the internet very selectively. I pay attention to and visit the sites my kids go to ('cause they are young and I have to), anything having to do with writing, and then my favorite, The Awkward Yeti (

But it is the holidays and I live on the other side of the country from all of my family and many loved ones; that means internet shopping so the shipping is done for me.

I have run across some odd things in my hunt for unique gifts but this one took the cake:

Seriously, this is an actual thing?

Clip-On Man Bun*gg-instant-man-bun_c*81522506101_k*_m*_d*Goods-Product-Ads_keyword*_target*_adposition*1o1_prodtarget*136840567501_adtype*pla&mr:referralID=89cf91ce-9eb6-11e5-b0f7-0050569451e5&gclid=CPTahfnTz8kCFQoVfgodkOQJDA

It looks like that was just photo shopped on to the person's head. The description on the Groupon website was hysterical. You may want to check it out for a laugh.

I'd love to see what wacky things you have come across!

Happy holiday shopping everyone!


  1. more the question - why?
    but good looking guys can get away with a lot... let's see it on a less attractive specimen... on the other hand, let's not!

    happy 2016!

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