Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Crazy Times

These last two weeks have been crazy busy, stressful, injury laden and exhausting.

I cannot talk about most of it because it pertains to work.  But I can say that is where most of the stress and exhaustion have come from.  On a lighter, strange but true note, I have an email correspondence at work going back and forth between the following people, (These are their first names only and they are their real first names. I wish I could use whole names because one of the full names is great.) Decolia, Tip and Passion.  If I wrote that in a book no one would believe that I had put any work into coming up with names for my characters.

Some of the exhaustion is due to having to sleep in a different bed in another room in our house.

We recently had a guest stay with us from Nicaragua, she was a lovely women here through an exchange with our church. The day she left we had to move into the guest room she had been occupying so that we could finally finish fixing the bathrooms from our massive Thanksgiving leak.  Since then we have not had a working master bathroom and for them to fix it we had to be out of our master bedroom.  While moving was a pain at least we have somewhere to move in to.  The more my husband has bemoaned not having a master bathroom the more I have realized how amazingly lucky we are.  I grew up in a home with one bathroom for a family of four.   We currently have two working bathrooms, soon we will have three, for a family of four.  We honestly are not having any issues with everyone having to use the one upstairs bathroom at the same time and if it was a problem we could always use the one downstairs.

I spent the A to Z challenge talking about all the things that have come and gone in my lifetime and the normalcy of multi-bathroom homes was one that I didn't realize until this week.  I grew up in a neighborhood where all the houses had one bathroom and some had a powder room on the main floor.  My grandparents houses all had one bathroom as well.  Now, the room that everyone hates to clean is a must in multiples in every home.

The stress at work, the stress of our escalating cost to fix our bathroom, the lack of sleep, the injuries, the after school activities, the end of year projects and testing; it will all be coming to and end soon and what that end will be I will only know when we get there but I hope that the end brings some serenity and good health.

I need to carve out some time for writing again.  Hopefully that will come with the transition to summer.  No homework will free up a lot of my time. I know it is not my homework but I still spend so much time overseeing and assisting with said homework.

Happy Writing.


  1. I'm sorry you've been so stressed! I hope things calm down for you real soon. (Hugs!)

  2. Sorry about the stress.
    I was a military brat, and I remember two bathrooms in any of the base housing we stayed in. Once we stayed off base, there were always two bathrooms.
    Hope you get your bedroom and bath back soon.

    1. Thank you for your family's service to our country. I imagine it would be hard to move all the time but as a writer how great to learn about different locations, the customs, the colloquialisms and food. So much to pull from when creating your characters and locations.

  3. My mom is one of twelve, and she grew up with one bathroom...I'm one of six and we have four bathrooms and sometimes I still complain about it! Definitely blessed.

    I'm also sorry that you've been under so much stress...sounds like a ton is going on. Why is it that everything always happens at once?! I'll be sending up some prayers for you...stay peaceful! Also, time spent writing is never time wasted, just remember =) I usually regret not doing it and never actually doing it.

    1. Anne Marie, Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you had a great weekend. One of 12 with one bathroom would be rough. I miss writing. Your passion for your wip one story is inspiring.

  4. KAT, we're down to one bathroom as I;m doing some work in one. It's no fun that's for sure. Hope you get back to writing soon.

    Stephen Tremp
    2015 A to Z Road Trip

  5. Hope things get less stressful for you soon. Best wishes to you.