Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A mother's day- okay specifically my day

5:30 AM Wake up- argue with your body and mind that you really have to get out of bed
5:45 AM  Drag pathetic unwilling body into bathroom
6:09 AM  Wake daughter
6:10 AM  Wake son, then daughter again and then son again
I'm going to skip all the reminding children to pack stuff in back packs, me finally brushing my daughters hair after her two mediocre attempts, feeding dogs and leaving out treats and locking house and reminding my son his lunch box was still in his room.  This would be an entry for every minute and I am just too tired.
7:09 AM  Pull out of driveway 9 minutes late.
7:15 AM  Park in school parking lot.  Walk daughter to before school care, sign in, kiss good bye. She is the first one there.  She comments to staff she if always the first one there.  Heart pangs and guilt slams my chest. I am knitting my brow again.  Ugh.
7:19 AM Start driving to my son's school
7:25 AM  Drop my son of at the street that runs along the back of his school next to the crossing guard.  Tell him I love him and to have a good day.
7:26 -8:09 This is my time.  I listen to the news, music, sing and try not to worry about all the traffic and the idiot who just pulled into the lane to turn across the solid white line that I have been backed up in waiting to get through this intersection for three changes of the light.
8:10 AM I'm in my office and the rest of the day will not go as planned.  I have more work than I can complete and my assistant is late again today.  A co-worker also scheduled a meeting yesterday for today and said it was at 8:30.  I attended said meeting and it just kept going.  I left said meeting for my other scheduled meetings.  The meeting I ditched ran until 2:30 PM.  How do you schedule an all day meeting and not give anyone advanced notice of the meeting or it's intended length?  Amazing lack of planning and respect for the person holding the meeting and her co-workers.
5:40 PM I am finally in the elevator.  I am late but since my girlfriend picked my son up and took him to baseball practice I will just make it in time to pick up my daughter.
6:20 PM  At my daughter's school with time to spare.  I greet her, admire what she has made and ask her to pack her stuff.  She keeps talking and showing me what she made.  I again admire it and say we really have to go.  Another parent has arrived and left.  We are the last ones there. I again say we have to go and she finally starts packing her stuff.
6:30 PM  We are in the car heading home.
6:45 PM  Dogs are fed, lunch box empty and leftovers heating since I have to run out the door in a moment. I am already late but need my son to arrive home and eat before we can go.
6:50 PM  Daughter and I are almost done eating.  Son arrives home.  Say hi to mom who dropped him off and rush him inside.  Get his plate warmed up.  Practice was good. He has back to school night next week.
6:58 PM  Set daughter up with typing tutorial for homework and check on son who has now finished most of his dinner.
7:00 PM  I rush out the door for the mandatory meeting for my son's booster club activity.
7:02 PM  I check in with my husband.
7:10 PM  I have to park a block away from the school and start walking to the gym.
7:15 PM  I have to volunteer for three events.  I sign up for them and text my friend who I am signing up for activities too to see what she wants.  She is at her youngest's school open house.
7:40 PM  The orientation meeting is winding down and then I am told to make sure our son's have signed in as this meeting was mandatory for them.  I never understood kids were supposed to come and I even emailed the event coordinator and she said my kids MAY come.  That is not must come.  Oops.
7:50 PM Walking back to the car
8:01 PM  Home. Check my daughter's homework.  Look at what my son is working on.
8:15 PM  Take my daughter upstairs.  Read for 10 minutes before my son is up- he needs help with his homework.
8:28 PM After kissing my daughter goodnight I am helping my son with his homework.  I realize I have not put in the laundry but now it won't be done until later than I feel I can stay awake.  I can survive one more day.
9:22 PM My son is finally completed with his homework and understands the concepts not just the answers to the math problems- and yes I helped him with math.
9:28 PM  I am finished typing this up and I am going to make their lunches for tomorrow and go to bed!

I really wish I had time to read or write today but I am just bushed.  I wonder why?

I hope you don't feel like all your days are like this- all of mine are but they don't all feel like it.

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