Saturday, January 25, 2014

I have not been very good at keeping this blog up because I thought it must have a format.  Everyone I know who has a blog talks about their set up of Mondays I do this, Wednesdays this and Fridays is this.  I did not grow up in a home where every Tuesday we ate pasta primavera and every Friday was pizza and I would find that kind of routine very boring.

How do I know that I am going to want pizza on Friday?  I felt the same way about the blog and the self-imposed format I was trying to force onto it was keeping me away.  I tend to avoid that which I don't want to do, come on, don't we all?  I do excel at it though.

I learned a great term at NaNoWriMo and that is pantster.  A person is either a planner or a pantster, as in fly by the seat of your pants.  That term fits me to a T.  I am a pantster.

If I want to actually keep this blog up and have it be enjoyable for me as well as you I have to go with my personal strength and that is flying by the seat of my pants.

So my mission for this blog is to enjoy it.  I want to put out information that I enjoy and meet great people in the blogging community and this is my creative outlet to do that.

Please take the time to reach out, comment on what you like and don't.  I love feed back and that is the only way for me to make this blog more fun for all of us, not just me throwing my ideas into a void.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and staying warm if you are in someplace cold.

Thanks for visiting.

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